The MOON Manifestation planner • Winter Solstice Edition • Available now

The Moon Manifestation Planner is a handcrafted, original, ritualistic tool to help guide you to manifesting your dreams, maintaining balance and stepping into your authentic power. Create a morning ceremony every day and keep track of everything for your wellbeing all in conjunction with the planetary events. Each event has its own ritual and you will be guided daily what to do. This is a quarterly planner, the Winter Solstice edition. This planner takes you from January 6- March 25 2019 

Each day is a full page and will guide you and remind you of your ceremonial practices such as Gratitude, Meditation & Exercise. Track your mood and health and sleep so you can look for patterns and become more connected with your body. Keep track of your cycle and notice any changes as the moon changes. And every time there is a planetary event you will be notified on that page for the ceremony. Introducing Frame writing, which is my ultimate manifestation tool I have used with hundreds of my clients. The Moon Manifestation Planner is the Ultimate Daily Grounding tool.

Each Page has original artwork and sacred morning ceremonial practices as well as a to do list.

You will be informed of the moon phases and what kind of ceremony you can do.

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