Interview on i24 news Israel talking about Women Reconnecting to their sensuality 

Interview on i24 news Israel talking about the Elections and rise of Women Empowerment.

Positive Magazine, Istanbul Turkey

  • You say we are not “WOMEN”, we are HEDONIST… What do you exactly mean with this?

I believe women need to get more in touch with pleasure because we have lost communication with our Goddess energy. Hedonist means a person who values pleasure above all else, so yes I call myself a Hedonist. It was actually taught in Greek pylosophy to seek pleasure first to have a happy life. When women are in the essence of Goddess energy they are sensual, fulfilled and loving. When she is the Goddess she has access to her intuition and her natural psychic ability because she is not blocked by the energies of feeling depleted. I look at the womans body as a vessel of energy and the more she gives to her husband, her job, her children, her friends…the more she needs to refill that body vessel with things that make her feel good so she can have a full vessel to work with. When the vessel is depleted women become irritable, needy and annoyed. Women are the divine givers of earth and life. We give so much, so as we give we need to receive. The problem that happens with women is that they are not aware of this information therefore they do not take responsibility to make them selves feel good so they rely on their husbands and children to make them feel complete and it ends up creating a malfunction because the husband and children feel it as “needy” and “desperate” which the woman is when she is depleted. So I take responsibility to make myself feel good because I am a giver. I am obsessed with pleasure because I like to keep myself in the Goddess energy feeling relaxed and satisfied. When I am in the energy of the Goddess I have access to more of my powers.

When your filled with pleasure and beauty, its what you share with the world. Tiana Griego

  • Why do you think ORGASM is more difficult for women than men?

For a woman to have an orgasm there needs to be a series of factors in place. First, a woman needs to know her body and feel comfortable in her own naked skin. This can be blocked from religious and cultural beliefs around shame for having sex. If a woman feels “dirty” for being naked with a man and enjoying it, than she will surely block herself from receiving any pleasure. She also needs to be aware of her body and her pleasure centers. Pleasure centers can be different for each woman for example some women feel sensations when their nipples are kissed or touched and others feel sensitive around the area and do not feel pleasure at all. Its important to know and explore your body and feel comfortable in this. The first thing I do when I lye down with a man is I guide his hand around my body and introduce him to my pleasure centers. This makes him feel good to be able to navigate around and make me feel good and it keeps me from being annoyed and waiting for him to figure it out. A man has no problem telling you or doing what he likes so why should we? You know in ancient Egypt, the culture very much believed in monogamy once they were married but before they were married, the young girls were prompted and inspired to explore their sexuality with as many partners as they could before getting married so that they would be better prepared for their husbands. And if a woman was to get pregnant during this time it was very respected and considered to be more sexy because this was a preview for the husband that she was fertile which was more attractive to them. In Egypt when the girl became a mother she also became a woman.

Women need to be comfortable with being a woman and stop listening to the conditions we were brought up to believe that we are less than a man. This is simply not true and this will change and it already is starting to change. Men are the offspring of women, lets not forget that.

Orgasms for a woman is a life force energy. When a man has an orgasm he is giving life force out. Orgasms age men, they will run out of them. For women its the opposite, we are receiving life force with each one, its actually anti aging for us and we are meant to have more than men. We are able to have multiple orgasms and men are not. There is a spot on the womans body when activated she can have up to 20 orgasms at a time (in my personal experience) after this type of experience, she is more connected to her feminine, her visions become clearer, her ability to navigate and her intuition is strong. She is connected to universe. Not only this but its anti aging, your skin will be glowing, you will have such a high vibrational energy, and you will radiate, people will be drawn to you because your energy will be so high…like the Goddess.

  • What do you mean by saying  “sacred orgasm”?

Orgasm is sacred as you can see its much more than just getting off. Orgasms are so special for us and they should be acknowledged. The amount of orgasms your having is directly correlated to your life, your money and your career, to everything. When your having good sex, good orgasms, your on a high vibration and you can manifest and attract things from this vibration. To access the different levels of orgasms, you need to go on a spiritual journey. Portals are opened as you become more open and unblocked. The stronger portals are the hard ones to get to but they are the better orgasms. The fourth portal as I call it is where the multiple orgasms exist but to get there a series of things need to be connected. You will access the fourth portal with a partner that you have a mind, body, soul connection with. Its kind of like “the stars need to be aligned” but you can consciously create this very easily like I do all the time once you discover what it looks like. You can have a mind body soul connection with anyone, you do not need to be in love or be committed in order to have this. Love is beautiful but we are talking about orgasms here. In oder to access these different portals that I teach, you need to understand that its a spiritual journey of self. As you unblock beliefs and judgements, more of your body becomes open. When you have multiple orgasms, you go into a trance,  like you leave your body and go to another dimension. Its exactly like this! Its magical..this is why its sacred.

  • What do you think women are really feel ashamed with this orgasm topic?

I have seen that women in most cultures have shame around sex because of our perspective how we view it. A woman is supposed to be “proper” and if she explores her sexuality, she is a “slut” and if a man explores his sexuality than he is..well just a  “man”

This is not fair and this is out of balance because woman are actually the ones that need to have more orgasms to feel good, be on a high vibration, stay young and beautiful and to be able to access our gifts. Our body has 5 locations where we can have an orgasm, there is a reason for this. So woman do not understand their body and their powers because its been suppressed for so long. They feel shame because they want to be a “good girl” they want o be adored by their husband, respected by their parents, perfect for their children and better than their friends. They want to be the perfect woman based on what society/culture/religion tells them it should look like. Remove the barriers we put on sex and we can enjoy pleasure and access all our gifts without feeling guilty. Remove judgment of yourself and the judgement of others will stop. When we stop judging ourself, you will find that others do not judge you because what you see in front of you is a mirror reflection of whats going on inside you.

  • There are  a lot of women I know, who have children and a husband for a long time and never had orgasm? What do you think a sex life without an orgasm? Does it have effects on our feelings, behaviors, …?

I work with women in these exact situations, they tell me I have been married for 8 years, I have two children and I have never had an orgasm. She takes my coarse and she learns about her body and she goes home and practices on her husband and she initiates sex, and they practice more and pretty soon she tells me she’s having sex 4 times a week and each time, 3-4 orgasms and she is completely glowing, completely shining and her and her husband are closer than they have ever been…she posts photos of them together and the aura is matched and they are in bliss. This is so important for a husband and wife to share this sacred bond. If you ask me its the most important thing, its the glue that holds you together. There are many elements to a relationship and when you get married it becomes more of a partnership or sometimes you never actually fell in love you went straight to the marriage/partnership but its so important to have the element of sacred sex. Sacred sex is respecting the communion of putting your energies together to connect and replenish. A woman will love her husband more when he is giving her orgasms. There was a 10 year study in national geographic on orgasms and woman and it showed that a womans brain is wired to fall in love after a certain amount of this really is the glue. And for the husband, it will keep him from straying, after all he is a man, built to procreate and spread his seed and thinks about sex every hour, more than he thinks about food and sleep. I am a mother, do you think this stops me from having sex? No…not at all, why am I going to suppress myself? It was sex that brought that baby into the world in the first place. Its a powerful and honorable thing. This is not something to be ashamed of, this is our natural essence.

  • What are the main orgasm locations on a woman’s body? Are they the same for every women.

We have 5 portals as I call them where we can actually orgasm from. We have pleasure centers which are different from woman to woman but the orgasm places and G-spots are the same for anyone with a female body. Not all woman have accessed all the portals because in order to get to them you need to be relaxed and comfortable and come to the ceremony with no judgement. Most woman have only experienced a clitoris orgasm but this is my least favorite because its the least powerful. I prefer the mind blowing, take my entire breath away, out of this world orgasms. For me to describe the locations, you will not understand because I would have to teach you how to access them but Im sure we can guess a few of them. I teach workshops in Turkey where I go into depth about the locations and how to access the portals. I don’t want to confuse anyone so I would recommend if you are interested in learning more about your body and its pleasure centers, you can take one of my classes. 

  • Do you think, the different hats women have to wear in life (being a mother, being a wife, being a daughter….) , effect their perspective to orgasm?

I think women need to take responsibility for giving themselves pleasure, doing things that make them feel good and also having boundaries and saying no when you are wearing to many “hats”

Being a mother or a wife or a daughter will only effect your perspective if thats how you choose to see it. Our perspective is our choice, its one of our magical wands in our magical tool belt for conscious creating and taking responsibility for the life you want to live. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. A woman, no matter what her role, needs to have pleasure because she is a giver. If you hate your pussy and you hate sex than go seek some healing. I had a client that hated her pussy and said she hated men. She liked sex but because she hated men she was not having sex. We discovered she was raped and that men always talked down to her in a disrespectful way. So this created this malfunction around her perspective of sex. Unfortunately the world is not perfect and there is an imbalance of masculine and feminine on planet earth. Until women wake up and understand their power, the men will continue to behave in this disrespectful kind of way. We have to take responsibility for our allowing of this behavior. I was molested when I was a young girl, I used to have an issue around sex, pretty much the first time I had sex I got pregnant and i didn’t have my first orgasm until I was 27 even though I was having sex since the age of 19. I was traumatized. But I took responsibility for my own happiness and I seeked the healing I needed, I worked on myself, I explored my sexuality and I discovered my power. We cannot let our circumstances and stories block us from being happy and living the life we were meant to live. We have to disengage from the things we are reacting to, our emotions take us off balance. Human beings are resilient, we are unstoppable! We are capable only of our limited imagination. We are capable of anything. Separate yourself from the different roles you play and be in each one at the appropriate time. When its time to be a mother, be the mother, when its time to be a wife, love your husband and be kind and sensual, schedule your sacred sex ceremony. When its time to be a daughter, give your big heart to your parents and soak up their wisdom. There is a time and a place for everything. Get perspective and things will become more easy.

Do you think that women support each other?

Women have lost touch with their “women tribe”and are displaced with who they are. Women need to wake up and recognize that they are woman, different from man. Women need to access their abilities because suppressing the womans powers and insight is creating an imbalance in the planet between the masculine and the feminine. First we must take full responsibility for what we created than we need to restructure the foundation back to balance and harmony. When a man says to his wife “I like women with big boobs” and your boobs are small,  what happens is the women starts to feel insecure and she starts to hate her friends with “big boobs”. Our response should be “I love my boobs, they are small and I am happy with them and if you don’t love them, than Bye! But what happens to the girl with the big boobs is she gets a little ego like she is better than you because now she has something up on you when instead she should support her friend with the “small boobs” and love her.  When a woman says I like a man with a big “” does the man become jealous of his friends with a big “”! Because men have not lost touch with their man tribe. They have the man tribe locked down and no woman is getting in the way of it. So why do women so easily become broken or jealous or insecure when a man stirs the pot of emotions? Because we don’t have the support of eachother. We need to remember that we come first, that we support each other first and stop being in the back ground, being on the back burner and allowing yourself to be second. First and foremost you have to support your blood, your women.

  • What is your advice to especially Turkish women, in order to help them to awaken the feminine divine in themselves?

Stop judging yourself. Allow your authenticity to come through. Do not judge the things that bring you pleasure, embrace them. We are all a little weird. Every human has strange desires, fetishes, and things that are different…this is something we have to accept about ourselves and each other. Embrace being a woman. Know and understand what you are keeping locked up by suppressing your sexuality. This is not only about having orgasms but its also about understanding your female bodies needs, working with the earths rhythm to keep balanced and tuning in and listening to your body. Woman are born with natural powers, psychic intuition and the ability to see visions and navigate. With our ability to birth we receive “mommy” instincts. This is our intuition and every women has it wether she has children or not. It comes from our female body parts so when your not accessing those, your suppressing those powers. Read my book “Reclaiming your power as a woman” that comes out early next year in Turkish

Mind Body Green • Could Casual Sex take your personal growth to the next level?

I’ve learned a lot about sex and dating in my life—especially over the past four years as I’ve traveled, dated, and had sex in countries across the globe. It’s not that we don’t want deep connection; it’s that, at this point in our evolution, many humans are unwilling to sacrifice freedom and growth in order to get it. To me, having an evolved one-night stand means not trading deep emotional intimacy for physical proximity.

We are hungry for growth, so we’re looking for relationships where we’re constantly being pushed to learn, to grow, and to evolve. In my travels, I see so many young people opting for diverse connections with a variety lovers rather than settling on the traditional, monogamous connection with one person. We have become a society of information gatherers, each experience we have giving us valuable data on what we do and don’t like, on the inner workings of other people and of the universe.

Historically, marriage held several important functions: People married for safety, for survival, for security. Those imperatives are no longer relevant. In the 21st century, we have the space to challenge our traditions and the freedom to develop our own opinions on what kind of relationships will be the most fulfilling to us. Open relationships are being discussed more, well, openly than perhaps ever before. Looking back through history across cultures and generations, it becomes clear that true monogamy really only pervaded in a small segment of the world’s population for a rather short (relatively speaking) period.

This is the real question: Can we have deep and meaningful connection without being monogamous?

I say yes. And I believe the formula is this: uncompromised desire with real accountability.

We can choose to create any experience we want in our relationships, and doing that starts with creating the vibrational frequency of those experiences and people we want to attract. Every Tinder swipe is an exchange of energy, and the universe is constantly responding to what we put out. No matter how we meet our romantic partners—whether we’re introduced by a co-worker or it’s love at first swipe—these things happen for a reason. There’s something for us to learn. When we are conscious of this, and accountable for what we’ve created, we can explore with calm curiosity how these things are supposed to help us grow.

Now, let’s be clear. I’m not saying one-night stands are the only path to personal evolution. Committed relationships—monogamous ones included—when navigated consciously, are beautiful learning experiences. I simply believe we can benefit from honoring our ability (and perhaps inclination) to grow through a variety of sexual and intimate encounters.

With sex, as with every experience, finding your authenticity is the first step. This looks different for everyone. You can’t see how your best friend does it and then just try to duplicate her process. If her romantic experiences are empowering, encouraging, and growth-oriented, you can learn from that. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. You have to honor your needs and then feel it out, one step at a time. I’ve learned that my authentic self desires sexual experiences with many different kinds of people. The important thing here is that I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And that I don’t let other people shame me.

One of the biggest revelations for me since I began this journey has been that, if my goal is not to “keep” a man, I have no reason to feel jealous or insecure about anything. This shift has allowed me to embrace loving nonattachment in a truly radical way. And I wouldn’t have learned any of this if I did not allow myself to consciously grow without judgment through my sexual experiences with many partners.

I believe sex is a portal to power. It can draw amazing things into our lives if we approach it the right way. So, how do we properly utilize the energy we receive from sex? Whether you’re sleeping with a monogamous partner or someone you just met, you can find the answer by asking yourself just one question: “Am I having sexual experiences to evolve, or am I seeking them to distract myself from my insecurities?”

Fulfillment never comes from another person, another experience, another distraction—it’s always an inside job. It starts with doing the work to find clarity on what you want, then really, truly believing you’re worth it.

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