Tiana holds space for you during a private one on one session dedicating herself to your healing and transformation helping you to open up and access the energies inside yourself so deeper shifts can take place.

S☉ul Retrieval

Through the practice of Shamanism we have the ability to reach other dimensions like our ancestors did with the sound of the drum. In Soul Retreval Tiana will go to the spirit world and locate any fragments of your soul that are lost or stuck and bring them back to your body.

Em☉tional Trauma Release

Emotional Trauma Release is a intense one on one healing technique where Tiana works with the body to physically remove stored emotions and toxic energy. Finding triggers in the body that bring up past memories and emotions is the goal. Once these energies are discovered they can be processed and released so the person can feel free and liberated from these things that have been blocking them or holding them back.

Mapping ☄

Mapping is a deep look into your souls authentic path. Through a series of exercises, questions and guidance from spirit we get a clear vision. After a clear understanding is made of where you want to go we do a technique called frame writing which is creating scenes that we can step into of realistic frames, one baby step at a time. Frame writing combined with releasing old beliefs and thought patterns has proven to be incredibly effective for manifesting and creating.

Sacred Feminine & ☉rgasm Ascension

The Second Chakra is the power portal. This session is focused more on releasing energy that is blocking your pleasure and opening up your sacred feminine. You will learn about the 5 portals you can orgasm from and how to reach them. How to open your pleasure centers for deeper manifestation and healing.

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