Hi Im Tiana

I truly believe that we all have the ability to overcome anything and heal ourselves. All the tools are in the universe and we have the resources to access them. Our greatest guru is with our higher self.  No one holds power over you. No one can give you or take away your power. Empowerment comes  from being self aware.  And once we heal ourselves, we can heal each other. 

Life is symbolic, start interpreting. Other signs from the universe besides 11:11

Animals are great messengers for us if we pay attention. When we come across their energy, we are receiving a message from spirit. I don’t mean when you see birds or animals from afar, Im talking about a real interaction thats in your face. This is a sign and you should pay attention.


5 steps to spiritual surrender

1 Take your hands off the wheel through prayer. Forget what you think you need. Pray for the highest good for all. Invisible doors will be open to you.

2 Focus on what’s thriving in your life. Take the focus off of that thing you need and on to what is already thriving. 

3 Obstacles are detours in the right direction. Rock Bottoms are awakenings. Remember this.

Why Everyone MUST do shadow work and how its holding you back from your true power if you don’t!

A complete personality consists of two parts, the good and the evil or the light and the dark. Even though we do not want to accept the darkness that is actually a very real part of us, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In my opinion this is the bravest part of our evolution a human can understand is to be fully self aware. Most of us can go through our entire life blind to the negative aspects that we don’t want to see but are evidently clear to everyone else around us.

Offering • Soul Retrieval

Through the practice of Shamanism we have the ability to reach other dimensions like our ancestors did with the sound of the drum. In Soul Retreval Tiana will go to the spirit world and locate any fragments of your soul that are lost or stuck and bring them back to your body.

Offering • Emotional Trauma Release

Emotional Trauma Release is a intense one on one healing technique where Tiana works with the body to physically remove stored emotions and toxic energy. Finding triggers in the body that bring up past memories and emotions is the goal. Once these energies are discovered they can be processed and released so the person can feel free and liberated from these things that have been blocking them or holding them back.

My Latest Creation ☾ The MOON Manifestation Planner

The Moon Manifestation Planner is a quarterly, ritualistic day planner which includes a bit more than just a to do list. Log your dreams, your cycle, your mood, and stay in alignment with the planetary events. Each Day has a full page and every event comes with a ritual. Includes all original artwork and design by me.

The Heroines Journey Tarot

I am currently crafting a tarot deck inspired by the Rider Waite. I wanted to upgrade the older version and make it more relatable to our modern times but than realized the main character was a man and that just wasn’t relatable to me either so I decided to make the lead character female…and she’s inspired by my own personal journey. Cant wait to share the whole deck with you!

New Symbols

The ideas and symbols are coming to me through Shamanic Journey. This card “The Hanged Woman” has a new perspective from the Ayahuasca vines shes dangling on and the mushrooms shes holding in her hand represent removing limiting beliefs. I removed the love birds that were originally in the card and replaced it with her power animal because this girl doesn’t have dreams to get married but she dreams to be empowered.

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